Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Night Outfit Tips! [New Earrings & Matching Jewelry]

I made these earrings a while back.
I actually blogged about them here as a secret project.

I only have ONE pair of them left!!!
That means that if YOU want these, you have to hurry on over and buy them before they get grabbed!

The earrings are delicate and elegant.
A pair of studs where each stud consists of a pink mother of pearl heart dangling from a unique silver decoration piece.

They're approx. 3 cm long.

The "I Heart Pink Pearl Delight" earrings cost 120 NOK and can be bought here!

And if you'd like a complete {jewelry} outfit for your next night out to go with these earrings, I'd suggest one (or more) of these pieces of jewelry that will match perfectly!

Pink Rosette Necklace

Pink and White Friendship bracelet
(The second one from the right)

Pink Garden Pink Brooch

Here you see the earrings at a fair
where I sold them before Christmas.
It's not the best picture but you can see what the
studs are like :)

There you have it - a complete outfit consisting of pink jewelry dangling from your ears, tied around your wrist, around your neck or pinned to your blouse!


Sarah said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love those earrings.


Sandra said...

They're really beautiful, I love them ^_^

The Circus said...

New follower :) I'm no good at accessorizing! Maybe you can help me ha ha

Katrine said...

Hey Sarah!
Thank you so much :D
I really appreciate your feedback :)


Katrine said...

Thank you so much, Sandra :D

Katrine said...

Hello my newest follower :D
Thanks for following me :)
I'd love to help ;) hehe just let me know if you wanna :D


Jill said...

Jewelry's such a fun way to change it up! Lovin' the pink!

Katrine said...

Hey Jill!
Thank you so much!

Show Me Mama said...

Very Pretty! I am your new follower. You can visit me at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

Have a great day

Katrine said...

Thank you so much!
Will do :)


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