Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip So Far

The trip has been amazing so far and I've taken over 600 pictures :) i'm having a great time and am looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Upon Arrival

I've just arrived in Los Angeles for the first time and I'm super excited! The journey was looooong but we're here now, and I'm sure it was worth it.

These next few weeks I will be on vacation but I will take lots of pictures, try looking for craftsy stuff and get inspired. I am sure I will be beyond inspired here.

Here I come!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday I folded these envelopes/paper bags for packaging!
I used magazine pages (from H&M Magazine) and wrapping paper.. the magazine ones turned out the best.

Back of the one on the right:

Above: Front of 'Green Garden'

Bellow: Back of 'Green Garden'

My favourite one, front:

Favourite, back:

Favourite, open flap, back:



Wrapping paper ones:

Spread out:

I can't wait to wrap something in in one of them... and they're already made, so all I need to do is put the item inside and tape the seal!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I made these 'bearrings' a couple of days ago. I made them using polymer clay and I think they turned out pretty good. I will make them into earrings very soon.


This is Daisy. She is a turtle I've been crocheting lately! Her skin tone is tan, she has a yellow sun hat, two beady eyes, a red mouth, feet that let her sit but dangle when she is held, ever so cute arms and a red shell.

Isn't she pretty?

Add a Little Sunshine

This necklace is a long, red, beautiful, handmade macramé necklace that I have made. The thread twists beautifully down, around your neck until it ties together and colourful, dangling glass beads dangle from it. It will simply brighten up your outfit and day!

Price: 335 NOK or 52 USD

Add a little sunshine!

Give Me a Ring

Here is another ring I have made. It is blue, a bit glittery, has blue beads and a silver butterfly which are all arranged nicely on a metal plate on a ring.

I haven't mentioned earlier that if you would like to buy anything you see in a post, just comment below the post and I will contact you. We can arrange something, and you can buy it. I will now start posting prices for each item.

If you would like to buy a similiar ring to this one (as this is my personal one) comment below. 

Price: 75 NOK or 12 USD

Stone Center

So I went to the stone center expecting single stones with holes in them so that I could incorporate them in necklaces. But no, they only sold complete necklaces or rocks without holes. I was kind of disappointed as I think necklaces with smooth and rigid stones would turn out beautiful. I could always drill a hole, but right now I just want to make necklaces. I got a beautiful pair of earrings though, and there were many pretty things - I'm sure a rock enthusiast would have loved it at 'Steinsmia'!
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