Friday, March 7, 2014

Free Shipping (in a few simple steps)

Yes, The Gentle Flower uses flower gift wrapping

Would you like to receive FREE SHIPPING? 

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I will send you your free shipping code as soon as you complete these steps!
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Interview with SharmSimplePleasures

This is the. coolest. rock. ever!!! Check it out!

Today I'd like to present a lovely lady, Sharmon. She is a creative entrepreneur and sells lots of lovely handmade items in her Etsy shop. Psst.. Be sure to read her business tip - short and sweet, but oh so true! :) Enjoy!

1. Name: Sharmon
Where are you from? Montana

2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop/ business. 
I handmake all of the items in my shop and specialize in polymer clay items such as pendants for necklace or my fairy princess. I also handburn and created signs that I can personalize on wood that I rescued from an old country farmhouse floor.

3. When did you open your shop?
August 3, 2011

4. Why did you decide to start your shop?
I love life and I love people. Opening a shop on Etsy helped me to combine both. Creating items and meeting wonderful people through my shop.

5. How do you promote/ market your business? What works best?
I do have my own blog. But I also follow several other people's blog from my Etsy team as well as blogs of friends.I also promote through Etsy search ads.

6. Do you also do business offline?
I do sell offline, to whomever wishes to buy. I have a lot of inventory available to search through.

7. Where do you get inspiration?
The rainbow! My children and my imagination!

8. Who is your target audience? Who would typically buy an item from you?

How cute is this?!

9. Do you ship internationally?

10. What has been the most challenging part of starting and running your own business?
Getting a customer base started and spreading the world.

11. What has been the best part of starting and running your own business?
Having no rules and being able to create whatever my heart desires!

12. Do you have any business tips you’d like to share with us?
Have fun and treat everyone the way you would treat your Mom :)

13. What are your goals and dreams for your business for the future?
Build more customer friends!!

This is sold - but I couldn't resist sharing it with you!

14. Where do you hope your shop will take you?
To a publishers desk!! I would love to be an author!!

15. What’s next now? Could we get a sneak peak of what you’ll be doing and sharing next? 
I would like to start making polymer clay angel figures with lots of glitter and sparkle!

16. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I would like to thank you Katrine for featuring me and my shop.
I am glad to have this chance to shine, hopefully my reflection will add some sparkle to your day:)

Thanks so much Sharmon!! It's been a pleasure getting to know you - and you've definitely added a lot of sparkle to my day ;) We share the same dream - I would also love to be an author!! Good luck with your shop and dreams, and I can't wait to see your book in the bookshelves ;) - Keep us posted!

Blog readers, please be sure to show Sharmon some love in the comments below!! What's your favourite item from her shop?

Be sure to visit her shop, blog, follow her on Twitter - and don't hesitate to send her an e-mail!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Importance of a Companion {Secrets Revealed}

Do you remember Daisy? I recently posted this picture of her on Instagram (@thegentleflower), but I thought I'd share it here as well.

I crocheted Daisy 3 years ago, without following a pattern. I was inspired by pictures I saw on the internet, and tried making my own version. After I made her, she goes with me everywhere on my travels. She's been so many places! - California, Nevada, Arizona, Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, New York, Italy, etc.

Even though I'm 20 now, she's always in my hand bag on my travels. When we drive around, she sits in my bag or in the seat next to me and enjoys the view with me. This picture was taken last year during our road trip in the US and Canada. She's enjoying the view from my hand bag, after visiting The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. She loves road trips just like me :)

It's nice having Daisy as a companion. It may sound childish, but I find comfort in inanimate objects. She makes me feel safe, and I think everyone needs that no matter what age, don't you think? And I always feel extra cool and like I'm kind of getting away with something whenever I walk through security at the airport, because no one can see her, except me and the scanner-person. We share our own little secret, and they have no idea that the doll is mine ;)

Is there something special you take with you on your travels? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below :)
~ Katrine

Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview with BabyTweeds

1960's White, Blue and Red "Daisy" Pinafore

Step back in time and get nostalgic: BabyTweeds sells the vintage children's clothes you grew up in. 
Today I'd like to present a talented woman, Christine Schell. She is the woman behind a lovely store selling the cutest vintage and handmade baby and children's clothing called BabyTweeds.

1. Name: Christine Schell
Where are you from? Originally from Michigan but now live in Seattle, WA

2. Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop/ business.
I opened my BabyTweeds shop at the start of 2011 which features handmade children's clothing and vintage children's clothing. Prior to opening my Etsy shop, I was a stay at home mom for 1 year and prior to that I worked in the high tech industry in the area of Human Resources.

3. When did you open your shop?
At the beginning of 2011.

1950's Lord & Taylor Double Breasted Sunshine Yellow
and White Linen Coat

4. Why did you decide to start your shop?
I had this idea in my head for months about starting my own business and making handmade baby clothes. I just couldn't shake the idea and my husband encouraged me to move forward with my idea as I was so passionate about starting this business. This morphed into my current shop which mostly features vintage children's clothing and accessories and some handmade items (made by me). I was also anxious to do something new and needed to have a business with flexible hours and I wanted to do something that nurtured the creative side of me.

5. How do you promote/ market your business? What works best? 
I have a Facebook site, a board on Pinterest, and I also have a Twitter account. I also love to create several treasuries every week and belong to several Etsy Teams which is a great way to gain exposure. I also have business cards which I try to give out as much as possible. I am going to create a blog in the future and I also plan to begin working on my Flickr and Stumbleupon site. I think that Facebook works the best and Twitter is a close second.

I can see why this is her favourite!

6. What’s your favorite item from your shop and why?
Well, my favorite item just sold today (editor's note: the day the interview was written)! It was a girl's powder blue 100% wool coat with blue satin lining and faux white fur from the 1960's. My new favorite item is an Infant Vintage Cream Satin and Lace 5-PieceChristening Gown Set from the 1930's.

I love this set because it is all made by hand and the satin material and lace is absolutely exquisite. It is also versatile enough to be worn by a girl or boy which is great.
7. Where do you get inspiration? 
Other Etsy shops, feedback/support from family and friends and my 3 year old daughter.

8. Who is your target audience? 
Moms, grandmothers, anyone needing to buy a baby gift.

9. Do you ship internationally? 

10. What has been the most challenging part of starting and running your own business? Finding the time to take photos, uploading the listings and ensuring that the listing descriptions and tags are correct in order for potential customers to find me via various search tools.

11. What has been the best part of starting and running your own business? 
The creative aspect of it in terms of making clothing but also the enjoyment that I get out of finding vintage baby clothing to sell. The flexible hours are also a huge plus.

1930's Handmade Red Embroidered Velveteen Vest

12. Do you have any business tips you’d like to share with us? 

Stay positive! Selling can be tough these days for a variety of reasons but do not get down on yourself or your shop. Also, make sure that your photos are clear and simple looking, that your listings are as descriptive and detailed as possible and that your tags are correct so that people can find your shop easily when they do searches on Etsy, Google, Yahoo, etc. Buyers only have a picture and description to go on when they buy something online so make your listings so "real" that they buyers can almost touch and feel what you are selling. Also, join Etsy teams that have shops that are similar to yours. I have gotten an incredible amount of great advice/feedback from various team blogs and also gotten some great visibility from other team members who have tweeted out my listings or treasuries or featured them on their blogs.

13. If there were anything you could change about your business, right now, what would it be? 
I wish that I was more visible on other websites already like Stumbleupon. Flickr, Tumblr, etc. -there just aren't enough hours in the day!

14. What are your goals and dreams for your business for the future? 
I would love to have a brick and mortar business somewhere in Seattle, but this is several years down the road.

15. Where do you hope your shop will take you? 
I would love to have enough visibility to be featured locally in the Seattle media and eventually would love to have greater visibility nationally and internationally.

16. What’s next now? Could we get a sneak peak of what you’ll be doing and sharing next? 
I hope to have a blog up and running as soon as possible. Also, I will be listing several amazing girl's dresses from the 1950's, many of which are made of chiffon with ruffles, lace and rhinestones.

17. Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 
I love being a part of the Etsy community. I have found the community to be incredibly supportive and great for getting constructive feedback.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, Christine! It's been lovely getting to know you and your business :) I can't wait to see what the future holds for you, and I hope that all your dreams come true. 

Readers, be sure to share your love by commenting your thoughts on Christine's business below, and follow her via twitter, facebook, pinterest - or shoot her an e-mail if you wanna get personal ;) And don't forget to visit her shop!

Let us know what your favourite items from her store are below :)

Ps. Be sure to check out our past interviews also.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Current Playlist

Do you remember my post from a while back? I wrote about how music isimportant for happiness? Well, I listen to a lot of music and it’s a sort of therapy for me. I find comfort in the lyrics, and I feel like the music is a companion. A best friend that will listen to me, yet give me exactly what I need.

I thought I’d share some of my current favourites. They’re perfect to chill to or to dance along to.

Taro – Alt-J(∆)

In No Time – Mutemath (Pierce Fulton Remix)

Carried Away – Passion Pit (Ryan Riot Remix)

Animal – Neon Trees

Sweetest Thing – U2

I Want You – Kings of Leon

Rebel Beat – The Goo Goo Dolls

Fans – Kings of Leon

Demons – Imagine Dragons

Get Lucky (Ft. Pharell Williams) – Daft Punk

Let Her Go – Passenger

On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

Colours – Grouplove

I Got A Soul But I’m Not A Soldier – The Killers

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People

What are some of your favourite songs?

Have you heard any of these before? Which are your faves?

PS. Don't forget! FREE SHIPPING on all products until 22nd July! Read more about it here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

What I've Been Up To

  • I turned 20 (on April 23rd) :D It feels weird. When I was younger I felt that 20 was so old.. but I don’t feel old at all! Have you turned 20? What was that like for you?

  • I completed my first year of uni! J This is SO exciting. I’ve really enjoyed the past year; the friends I’ve made, everything I’ve learned, etc. I’m really happy with this career path, and I can’t wait for next year!

Delicious Pasta Pie

  • I’ve made lots of food and tried lots of recipes. I’ve always loved making things, but I never thought I’d be this fond of making food. It’s so much fun!

  • I’ve watched a loooot of The Only Way is Essex. Man, I love that show. Do any of you watch it?

  • I went to our school ball (Oscars Ball). It was lovely. I got to wear a long dress and felt like a princess J I will be wearing this dress at my cousin’s wedding tomorrow!! (I will post more pictures from the ball later)

  • I’ve made lots of new friends J

  • I have fallen in love with Tyler Knott Gregson’s poetry. Man, is he talented! You definitely need to check him out!!

Me wearing my new wedges and skirt on a sunny day :)
  • I have been enjoying summer.

  • I entered a poetry competition. Writing poetry is one of my favourite things to do, and has been an important part of my life from a young age. Putting pen to paper, and baring my soul helps me get through anything. This is when I’m most vulnerable and honest, and strengthens me to be able to face anything.   Crocheting, making jewelry and writing make my head go silent. I find peace through being creative and using my imagination.

What have you been up to? :)

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