Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Importance of a Companion {Secrets Revealed}

Do you remember Daisy? I recently posted this picture of her on Instagram (@thegentleflower), but I thought I'd share it here as well.

I crocheted Daisy 3 years ago, without following a pattern. I was inspired by pictures I saw on the internet, and tried making my own version. After I made her, she goes with me everywhere on my travels. She's been so many places! - California, Nevada, Arizona, Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, New York, Italy, etc.

Even though I'm 20 now, she's always in my hand bag on my travels. When we drive around, she sits in my bag or in the seat next to me and enjoys the view with me. This picture was taken last year during our road trip in the US and Canada. She's enjoying the view from my hand bag, after visiting The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. She loves road trips just like me :)

It's nice having Daisy as a companion. It may sound childish, but I find comfort in inanimate objects. She makes me feel safe, and I think everyone needs that no matter what age, don't you think? And I always feel extra cool and like I'm kind of getting away with something whenever I walk through security at the airport, because no one can see her, except me and the scanner-person. We share our own little secret, and they have no idea that the doll is mine ;)

Is there something special you take with you on your travels? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below :)
~ Katrine
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