Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Perfect Match

Last Saturday I went to town with my Mum.
We went to a café with my grandparents, which I really enjoyed. 
We had a great time :D
Afterwards, my Mum bought a beautiful ring for me which matches a pair of gorgeous earrings I got from my best friend last year :)
Here is the ring---> :D

I just LOVE it :D


Look at the earrings! :D (or one of them) It's even prettier when it's dangling from my ear. 

I LOVE both of these pieces of jewelry! 
The ring is so pretty and it matches so perfectly with the earrings, don't you think? 
I've been wearing them all the time lately! :D

---- Buuuut, that's not all I did on Saturday...

In the evening, there was nothing on TV, as usual. Shocker.
Sooo... I made this necklace instead:

I think it turned out beautifully! It's a bright pink colour, which the camera can't really catch. I just love it :D 
I made it for myself.. but there will be some up for sale soon :)

I wore it to school on Monday, and you won't believe how many compliments I got on it! 
I think I'll make one in every colour :D

It's the same colour as some Pink Garden Pink brooches I've also made that I'll post about soon. 

If you'd like to pre-order a necklace like this, let me know. It will cost 250 NOK
If you have any colour preferences too, let me know.


And guys, don't forget to enter the giveaway!! There are some fabulous prizes up for grabs. 
Remember, if you link to my blog, don't forget to tell me so that I count your entry ;) 
And remember to add yourselves as followers ^-^

What did you do last Saturday?
What do you think of the new necklace? Any colour preferences?

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