Friday, April 1, 2011

How and Where I Find Inspiration

I love finding inspiration.

And I especially love finding inspiration through:
- pictures
- poetry
- quotes
- beautiful words and their definitions
- lists (especially lists of what inspires people!)
- videos
- beautiful books
- plants
- blogs
- stories (uplifting stories)

Whenever I visit a garden, a botanic garden or a gardening store, or see flowers or plants..
..I take pictures and note down what they 
inspire me to do, what I associate with them and what I see.

I look for:
- colours (pretty colours and combinations)
- patterns
- texture
- different parts of the plant (how they are attached, etc.)

And I start telling myself stories.
I enter a different world.
I imagine who would live here, what they'd do.

Like in this picture (which is taken in the same place as the first picture):

It feels like a completely different world.
I could escape to this world.
It looks so warm and welcoming.
And I could hide and dream here forever.

I went to a botanic garden last weekend in Oslo.. and I've taken A LOT of pictures. Over a hundred.

I haven't uploaded all of them here.. but there are more to come ;)

I'm posting some of my favourites here today.
I've "edited" them using an App on my iPhone; "ClassicINSTA".
I think it gives them an extra touch - even though the plants are beautiful just as they are ;)

Look at the pictures.. and look at them using my lists of what I look for.
What do you see and associate with these plants?
Do they give you any ideas?

Look at the texture.. I just want to touch it

What inspires you?
Do you enter a different world and imagine what it'd be like to live amongst the plants?
Do plants inspire you?
What do you look for?

Be sure to link up any pictures, links or lists of what inspires you :)

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The Gunny Sack said...

Hello from America! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the Doughnut Rings in your shop. I've made doughnuts out of felt by never worked with polymer clay.

Katrine said...

Hi :)
Thanks for stopping by too! :)
Thank you so much, I really appreciate the feedback :)
Oh, that sounds nice! I've never tried that but I'd love to see yours if you send me a link? :)
If you like trying out different crafts you should definitely try out polymer clay. It's super fun to work with and there's so much you can do with it! :D


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