Monday, January 21, 2013

Say 'I Love You' / 'You're Hot' with a Gentle Flower {SALE}

A super hot Firetruck Red Rosette Necklace for your hottie!

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I'd like to offer all my readers an exclusive 20% discount off all items! Use coupon code LOVERED at check out. Valid until February 14th.

Who said diamonds were a girl's best friend? I say these
Bearrings are waycuter and much more company ;)

Get something for your loved one, your mother, sister, friend or even yourself! Spread the love, and show someone you care by getting them a Gentle Flower.

Say 'I Love You' or 'You're Hot' with a smoking hot red Gentle Flower. We have lots of items in store, - which item you'd like to get for your significant other (hottie) is up to you! (ps. the coupon code is valid for however many items you'd like!!)

 Brand new Red MINI Garden Pinks Brooch

Our brand new Red Mini Garden Pinks Brooch is the perfect gift. Your loved one can carry it with them, showing it off anywhere, as a symbol of your undying love (as this flower will never die).

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Orange Dazzling Dahlia Brooch - Unisex Debate

Yay! A Dahlia Brooch in a new colour - finally!

Honestly, I didn't know if I would make one in orange. However, I got a special order from a lady in the Netherlands requesting an orange one back in November! So I made it and sent it off! Her boyfriend actually ended up wearing it to a Dutch-themed wedding (as orange is their national colour, I believe) which made me really happy! :D I learned a lot from this.

What I can conclude from this is that:
1. The Gentle Flower products are somewhat unisex. (At least the brooches. My grandpa is going to wear one of these on his suit jacket!) Men like accessorizing too! :

The latest addition to our shop! Red Mini Garden Pink Brooch

2. The Gentle Flower products are in bright, happy colours, proving their versatile nature at various events! (They can both be worn on a daily basis or spruce up an outfit for a fancy event.)

3. Orange is a cool colour! Check out our other orange products as well.

4. Custom orders are da bomb / you're interested in custom orders!

5. I should make more jewelry for different events, themes and occasions!

Are there any colours you'd like to see?
Custom orders make me giddy, so keep 'em coming! ;)

You can get an Orange Dazzling Dahlia Brooch just like the one she ordered over here.

Katrine :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever! And I apologise for that! There's been a lot going on lately, and I'm still catching up on everything.

I had lots of exams and exam prep before Christmas, and of course managed to end up in hospital twice. I'm much better now, but I missed out on two exams because of this. Health is always my first priority, but it kinda sucks to have to retake the exams right before summer or next year (I can choose) on top of my new exams for this semester as well. Yay, more stress.

School resumed 2 weeks ago, and I'm happy to be back. The new classes seem really interesting!

I also got my grades back for the exams I did take, and I'm quite pleased with the results :)

Anyway, I will be gradually posting more on here. I've been updating my instagram feed more regularly, so be sure to follow me there for more day to day updates! (username: thegentleflower)

There will be a new post with a few pics from my instagram feed to catch you up on some of my past events. So be sure to come back to read that ;) On second thought, there may be a few posts with instagram pics :))

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you for being patient with me and for following me on my journey! :)

I've missed blogging, but I will try to post more from now on :)

Enjoy your weekend!
Katrine :)

Ps. The picture is a Happy-New-Year-I'm-back-and-better hug from me to you, plus the pic made me feel all warm and cosy ;)
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