Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twisting Through Twelve

This macramé necklace incorporates 12 glass beads with metal cores. The beads variate, each being one of 4 different patterns. The necklace is made using twine, twisting throughout for effect. It also has a metal lock convenient for taking it on and off.

This medium length necklace costs 340 NOK / $55.63 / £35.72

From Sunshine to Roses to Royalty

Fun, festive, creative, simple and effective?


This. Is. It.

This flat macramé necklace features 12 wooden beads, the colours changing from purple to yellow to red. It also has a metal lock making it simpler for you.

It's a simple necklace, but quite festive, wouldn't you agree?

This necklace costs 240 NOK / $39.27 / £25.21

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mmmm Doughnuts...

A while back I posted a picture of this doughnut ring I made using polymer clay.

I have also made a pair of earrings to match it (picture to come).

Ring: 85 NOK / $13.85 / £8.92
Earrings: 120 NOK / $19.43 / £12.58
Set (Earrings and ring): 185 NOK / $30.14 / £19.42

Why hey, she's got Saturn dangling from her ears!

...Not quite. They may look similiar to Saturn, but they sure aren't!

They may look heavy, but these earrings are actually extremely light polystyrene balls, painted black to accent the border of beads orbiting them.

I talked about these earrings a while back (see post here).

These are my personal ones, but I can make duplicates for those who wish to buy a pair!

Price: 115 NOK / $18.62 / £12.06

Cassette Ringssss

Pink 'flowers' with yellow centre earrings

I posted a picture of a cassette ring earlier. This ring was yellow with purple circle insides. It was made using perler beads and I used a wire to make the ring around the finger. I have made more perler items; earrings similiar to flowers and more cassettes.

Pink flower earrings with a
mathcing pink cassette ring
Pink cassette ring with yellow circle insides

Various 'cassettes' before they were
made into rings

Yellow and purple 'long' flower earrings

Let me know your favourite colours and I can customise a ring or earrings especially for you.

Pink flower earrings with purple centres
Blue and green 'long' flower earrings

All earring pairs cost 40 NOK / $6.48 / £4.19

All cassette rings cost 55 NOK / $8.90 / £5.77

I can also make a pair of cassette earrings for 45 NOK / $7.29 / £4.72


A cassette ring and cassette earring set costs 85 NOK / $13.76 / £8.91 

A cassette ring and flower earring set costs 80 NOK / $12.95 / £8.39 

The earrings and rings add a bit of colour and fun to any day and outfit. 
I hope you like them!

Cookie Earrings!

Mmmm, dark brown chocolate chip earrings,
what could be better?

Don't they look yummy?

I have made these cookie earrings, perfect for many occasions. They have been mistaken for real food multiple times, but they are purely polymer clay.

No matter how tempting they look - WARNING: DO NOT CONSUME.

These tasty (-looking) earrings cost 120 NOK / $19.43 / £12.58

Envelope Packet

If you would like to buy a packet of envelopes for wrapping a present or such, I'm selling a packet of 5 envelopes for 20 kr / $3.25 / £2.10

Charm-ing Goodies

I have made three different charms to be used as necklaces. They are quite charm-ing, don't you agree? :)


The charms in the pictures are my personal ones, but I am going to duplicate them after demand.

The cupcake charm costs 80 NOK / $12.95 / £8.39

The strawberry charm costs 80 NOK / $12.95 / £8.39

Bluetooth costs 80 NOK / $12.95 / £8.39

The charm can be put on a long, silver chain or a leather strand, making it into a necklace, which will cost an additional 50 NOK / $8.10 / £5.24.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happiness Strung on a Hand, Anyone?

This colourful, happy bracelet is a macramé bracelet I have made incorporating 5 assorted plastic beads entwined using twine. It has a ziplock convenient for taking it on and off.

I can make it in different sizes, just tell me your wrist size. If you have any colour or colour combo preferences let me know, and I will customise it for you! I have many bracelets in store, so go ahead and order!

Price: 70 NOK / $11.13 / £7.34

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am currently on vacation, so I am not able to post anything at the moment. Do not hesitate to contact me or to post a comment. I will reply as soon as I'm home.

Please check back on Thursday, 29th July 2010 as I will have posted many new things by then.

I hope you're having a great summer and that the weather is bearable! :)
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