Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treat your BFF to a Friendship Bracelet!

Want to remind your best friend how much you care about him/ her? 
How about giving him/ her a hand-tied friendship bracelet made by The Gentle Flower, aka moi? :D

I've made lots and lots of them using Eqyptian cotton in lots of different colour combinations.

To wear it: tie the ends together, and then you can cut off the ends and put a little clear nail polish on the knot, so that it doesn't open. 

This way it'll look much tidier and is more comfortable to wear ;) The ones on my hand in the photos above have been tied together.

You can buy one of these by ordering in the comments or by e-mail: tell me which two colours you'd like and how many you'd like to order. 
You can also order them from my online store by clicking here. The link will take you to the front page of my store, where you click on the picture of which bracelet you'd like to buy. 
NOTE: Read the name of the bracelet before ordering + the description to double check that you're getting the correct colour combo.

They cost 50 NOK each.

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Do you like the bracelets?
What colour combos are your favourite?


The Gunny Sack said...

I totally remember making friendship bracelets! Some kids at school could make really wide, pretty ones but I only knew how to make the basic ones.

Katrine said...

Haha yeh, I know, I can make them but they take too much time and concentration, so I prefer making these ones instead ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your opinion here. I really like it.

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