Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm having an Easter sale in my Epla-shop!!
EVERY item in the store is 15% off :D 
(not including postage and packaging)

Twisting Through Twelve - Macramé Necklace

GO GO GO and buy some jewelry for yourself or a friend and spread the word :D

Dazzling Dahlia Brooch

If you'd like me to wrap it up as a present, let me know and I'll do it for FREE.

You may buy as many items on sale as you wish - the sky is the limit!

Blue Garden Pinks Necklace

The sale will last until April 25th, so scoot on over!!!

PS. If you wish to order it directly from me instead of ordering via my shop, that can also be arranged, just comment below or e-mail me and we'll arrange an order 15% off for you too :D


Sandra said...

I'm glad you appreciate my comment, also thank you for following my blog and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

p.s I hope that one day you can do a tutorial on your brooch I would love to know how you made it

Katrine said...

Hey Sandra :)


I may post a tutorial later, but I'm not promising anything - we'll see ;)
But thank you for your interest, and you never know, maybe I'll post one :)


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