Philosophy [ABOUT]

Yellow Dazzling Dahlia Brooch

Welcome to The Gentle Flower!

This is where big hearts and dreams merge to create extraordinary and outstanding one of a kind jewelry just for you!

Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted, thought out especially for you.

The Gentle Flower is all about being original, being special, being different, listening to the heart, taking care, being careful to always create products of mint condition yet taking risks of being a bit bolder and more different at the same time as dreaming big.

A Ray of Sunshine - Ivory Coloured Ring with Sun Rays

Here at The Gentle Flower we believe that carrying a piece of jewelry is a lot more than looking good. It's about feeling good. It's about representing oneself. It's enough for the largest ego to be boosted or the gentlest flower to feel special, noteworthy or outstanding. And if we can change your lives just by dreaming big, our goal has been accomplished.

Want to join?

YOU can be part of all of this just by buying a unique product by The Gentle Flower or by reading about our jewelry- making adventures right here on the blog.

Also, we want YOU to be part of The Gentle Flower family! Whether it be by material representation or by telling us your opinion. We want to hear from you and custom orders are welcome ;) Opinions and individuality are always welcome around here!

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