Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Award Just Made My Week

On May 31st I received a lovely comment on one of my posts:

Kortney behind the wonderful blog Kortney's Krazy Life wrote this:

Hi! I love your blog so much that I just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!
Congratulations! :) Click the link above to accept your award! :)

YAY! :D I can't believe that I've gotten another award :D

Thank you so much Kortney - thanks for motivating me to keep going!

The Versatile Blogger Award comes with some rules and are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

7 Facts About Me

1. I've worn everything from retainers to head gear to braces from 4th grade to 11th grade (7 years!!!) grade! I even had to remove two teeth before getting braces!!

2. My favourite animal is a ladybug. My whole life!

3. My first pet was a turtle called Cindy (after Cinderella of course). She now lives in Dubai Zoo (if she still lives).

4. My spine has an extra bone or disc (I don't know what it's called).

5. I got my math exam back from last week and I got an A, nearly an A+ on it!! I couldn't be happier :D :D

6. I don't drive (or I don't have my license), but I'm working on getting my driver's license now.

7. I love fishing and driving a boat :D I do it every summer :)

16 Bloggers I'd Like to Award the Versatile Blogger Award to (in no particular order):

Crafty Scrappy Happy
Bella Vida by Letty
Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense
How to Accessorize With Tiny Birds
Innermost Aspirations
Inspired by Faith
My Mismatched Life
Nap Time is My Time
Sweet Serendipity
Homemaker on a Dime
Life or Something Like It
Denise's Journal
Flip Flops and Polka Dots
From Under My Little Umbrella
Delicately Fierce


So please go and check them out and show them some love - I certainly love their blogs ;D

Ps. To read about when I received my first award, click here.


SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Congrats for getting the award and for bestowing it to me :)

Katrine said...

Thank you! :D
No problem - you deserve it ;) And congrats to you too!

BellaVida said...

aw, thank you girlie. You are so sweet.

Congratulations on the award and the good grades.

We having boating in common. I've never tried to drive one but I really enjoy them. Boat rides are so peaceful and relaxing plus Florida is so beautiful.

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

Thank you SO much for being so sweet, including my blog on your list really makes my day :o) THANK YOU!!!! p.s. Congrats on your exam! (I still feel like a student even though I just graduated last month! I feel like I am just waiting for this little break to end before I have to go back!

Lucia Marie said...

Hi Katrine!

Thanks so much for your recent comment on my post, the compliments, :) and this award! So thoughtful. <3 I appreciate it! :o)



OH my goodness! First of all, I can't think of anyone more deserving of an award than you-twice-ha! That's awesome! Secondly, that's so funny about the lady bug. A few days ago, my daughter asked me what my favorite insect was and I answered ladybug. (I'm rather practical-they eat the aphids off the rose bush out front) She shook her head and said, "Wrong answer!" -we call her Katybug, so I was supposed to say she was my favorite bug. FAIL! (oops) Thirdly, thank you for thinking of me, Katrine. I teared up when I read your comment. This is my very first award and it's made so very special because you are the one bestowing it! :)

April Cheung said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it a lot! Oh and thanks for the award! :)

Katrine said...

Hiya Letty :)
Thank you and congrats to you too!! :D
I know.. boat rides calm me down and I can truuuly relax!! :D I've never been to Florida, but I bet it's nice :D


Katrine said...

Hi Jamie Lyn! :D

No problemo, you deserve it chica!

Thank you! Haha I know what you mean ;)


Katrine said...

Hi Lucia!
I'm glad it made you happy :)
No problem, you deserve it :D


Katrine said...

Haha thank you <3 you're so sweet!!
Haha true, ladybugs are practical ;)
(My Mum just got a new car, which is red, and I told her she needs to paint black spots on it hahaha)
Awww that's such a cute story!! Hahaha
I teared up when I read your COMMENT!! <3 You are the sweetest and you really deserve the award!!


Katrine said...

And thanks for the lovely mention in the blog post, Lindy <3

Katrine said...

Hi April :)
Thanks for writing such a good and entertaining blog!
No problem :)

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