Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have YOU Seen the Newest Products? [Discount] + Why I Recommend Getting a Yellow Garden Pinks Necklace

You've probably seen the newest products I've made, if you've visited my shop.

Here's a little preview of what's brand-spanking-new:

1. Precious Marine Blue Daisy Brooch

2. Stunning Yellow Daisy Brooch

In addition, I've added a few products that are new to the shop but not newly made. Let's have a look...

1. Baby Blue Crocheted Necklace - "With a Twist"


2. Fiery Pink Garden Pinks Brooch

3. Rustic Orange Crocheted Necklace - "With a Twist"

4. I Heart Pink Pearl Delight Earrings

5. Yummy Doughnut Earrings with Red and Yellow Sprinkles

6. Yellow Garden Pinks Necklace

7. Yellow Dazzling Dahlia Brooch

Did you notice how summery these products are?
I love the colours that instantly add some sunshine to your wardrobe and hopefully bring a smile to your face ;)

I've been wearing my (own) newest Yellow Garden Pinks necklace a lot the past few days and you have no idea how many compliments I've gotten on it! The thing is, it's bold and so different to what anyone else has, so you're basically bound to get compliments! [Even my male friends and teachers are complimenting me on it!] I'm wearing it as we speak - it goes with so many outfits! Let's see who notices it and compliments me on it today ;)

Use the discount code SUMMERYAY at checkout for a 10% discount!
Hurry up and shop now before I go on vacation on June 28th.


JoeTaz said...

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Please follow me back if you get the chance Taz's Journey

Katrine said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)
Following you back ;)


oomph. said...

the twist necklace is so cute!!

Ditte said...

Elsker de gule blomster!

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