Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flower Adventures

I just came home from a small trip to "Stjørdal". It's about a 45 minute drive from where I live.

My family and I were going to a (plant) nursery to look at and buy some plants. But of course, it started raining. A LOT.

...So I went to sit in the car while my Mum and Brother looked around.

I made lots of flowers today, and I had taken one with me on our trip.

While my Mum and Brother were outside, my flower and I were on a little adventure in our car...

.. and she's definitely not a wussy!!

First, I found her hanging out with the extra mirror in our glove compartment. 

Then I told her that she could come out, and we'd go on a little adventure. She wanted to go out of the car, but I told her it was raining too much. She got stubborn and "hid" on this tiny shelf in the glove compartment for a little while.

But I took her out anyways, so she could take a look outside.

 She was pretty sad.

So she decided to go to and in all the different places in the car. 

First, the AC...

Then, she wanted to turn the radio on.

But I told her I couldn't, so I turned on music on my iPhone instead. She got a bit sad and sat in a window, staring at the rain for a while..

While listening to Revelry by Kings of Leon...

But then.. She made a friend...

But discovered that she's waaaay cooler, because she could do this:

And this:

And this:

She even got to sit in the driver's seat for a while, 
but with her seat belt on of course...

Then she tried diving!

But I caught her just in time ;)

Then she tried sitting on the mirror..

But I told her she could hang out here instead..

But then, she came to me and said, "Could I just sit with you instead? And we can just look at the rain together and listen to the music?"

I said, "yes", of course!
What an adventure! :D

Ps. These will be in the shop tomorrow ;)


BellaVida said...

I really enjoyed this post. thanks for the laugh.

Bella Vida by Letty
Have a great day.

Katrine said...

Hey Letty!
Haha thanks :D
You too :)

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