Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's Party!

First of all, I am soo sorry for not posting the linky party yesterday... but here it comes.. a day late (it's at the bottom of this post).

Also, this week I've been working hard on lots of lovelies for all of you! :D 
I've got SOOO many ideas cooked up and there will be lots and lots of new jewelry real soon! (I've already made lots, I just need to do a few finishing touches + I need to upload the photos to my "zero KB available" computer :S)

There will be (actually, there are):
- new and different flowers --> necklaces, brooches, hair pins
- new and different food jewelry --> necklaces, rings, earrings
- new rosette necklaces (in different colours)

Also, I will be launching a new store reeeal soon :D :D :D

If you've got any requests - LET ME KNOW! I want to please you and I want you to find exactly what you're looking for!
I also accept custom orders, so let me know and I'll get to work ;)

Remember to comment or just be active on the blog to get entries for the giveaway! (Yes, you can comment on any post -- ALL activity including linking to me + writing about me & the sponsors + commenting.. etc. give you entries!)

ALSO contact me if you'd like to sponsor! I want all you lovelies to win lots of goodies - so hurry up and sponsor ;)

The lovely Emily from Sweet Serendipity was the first sponsor and is giving away these FAB-U-LOUS "Blueberry Delight" cake slices
Be kind and show her some love over at her blog please ;)

Now onto the BLOG HOP!!
Let's make some friends :D

And thanks again to Lindy @ Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense who linked up last week :D I love your blog girlie! :)

The Gentle Flower

Show me what you've made, what's happened to you this week, a picture, an outfit - whatever! Just show me!! :D

Have a great weekend!!


Debbie Baker Burns said...

Katrine, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting and following. You have some beautiful jewelry pieces and the food ones are fun! I am following you from Debbie

D+B said...

Love your blog!! I am definitely going to be your new follower :) I would love it if you followed me to @ that would be great :) I am just starting out, but I am excited to share new recipes, crafts, and makeup..

BellaVida said...

Katrine I'm so excited to read that you will be opening a new store. I highly encourage you to do so that way you can reach customers all over the world.

Bella Vida by Letty
Enjoy your weekend.

Katie said...

Is their any way to make the button smaller? I tried putting it on my blog but it is way larger than it shows on your blog it is in my sidebar if you want to check it out)

Katrine said...

Hi Debbie :)
Thanks so much for following and commenting :D And thanks for your lovely comment, it made me really happy! :)

Can't wait to get to know you!


Those blueberry slices look so realistic that I want to eat them! How cute!

Katrine said...

I know right - she's talented :D

The Kautts said...

I totally agree with Lindy Legends-- I could have eaten the pie slice, too! :)

~Jo <3

Katrine said...

Hi D+B :D
Thanks for following :D <3
I've stopped by your blog too ;)

Katrine said...

Hi Letty!
Yes, it'll be much easier :)
Thanks for your encouragement :)

Katrine <3

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