Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's Celebrate: Linky Party + New Items

This week has been big for me.

1. I opened my Etsy store and there are already 14 items for sale there!!!!

2. There are two brand new items in the store, which you (hopefully) read about on June 14th.

Yellow Daisy Brooch - 15 USD

Pink Daisy Brooch - 15 USD

3. I've reached 73 followers!! (NOTE: There will be a huge giveaway when I reach 100 :D) (--E-mail me if you'd like to sponsor!)

4. I'm sponsoring two giveaways that are going on RIGHT now! (one starts in less than a week here and the other one, that has started, can be found here)

Pink Rosette Necklace

Now that we have a reason to celebrate, let's link it up and party together!
Woooh! :D

Thanks to Bella Vida by Letty and Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense who linked up last week! :D Your blogs ROCK!

Ps. My giveaway ends tomorrow, but the winner will be announced on Sunday, 19th June.

The Gentle Flower


Leovi said...

Beautiful designs, I love, very good.

LINDY said...

Whoot! Yes, let's celebrate--with lots of balloons and drinks and party dresses accessorized with your awesome jewelry! Thanks again for sponsoring me for the Blog Bash! It's gonna to be off the hook! Less than five days to go-I can't wait!!! :P

Katrine said...

Hello Leovi!
Thanks for joining in the party :D
Thank you!! :D

Katrine said...

Hi Lindy :)
Yaaaayyy ballooonnnsss :D
Haha that would be AWESOME :D
I'm so thrilled :D :D Thanks again for being so good to me!! <3
I can't wait either :D IIIH

flowers delivery mumbai said...

Wow this is beautiful I have never seen anything like it. Very inventive

Katrine said...

Thank you so so much <3 It means a lot to me! :)

Dahlia Lover said...

Lovely! It's good to see dahlia flowers and other stuff sprang to life out from papers, isn't it? I'll be looking forward to your future posts.

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