Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunshine Yellow Garden Pinks Necklace - Finally in Store

I just finished making the Sunshine Yellow Garden Pinks Necklace, and it's in the shop! :D

It's quite a bold necklace with a wow factor - sure to please all recipients of this.

The necklace looks super-cute with a summer dress and is the perfect accessory to a professional outfit.

Stand out in summer - buy one of these!


The Kautts said...

Pretty, Trine! :)

~Jo <3

LINDY said...

So pretty! I can't get over the level of detail that obviously goes into your jewelry. Have you ever considered placing a flower on a barrette? I can just imagine one of these gorgeous flowers in a little girls hair. Just a thought! :P

Sandra said...

this is absolutely stunning, I really do love it ^_^

Katrine said...

Hey Jo!
Thank you :))

Katrine said...

Hey Lindy!!
OMG thank you so much <3<3
Yes, I have actually considered it!
It's just that I haven't actually made them yet, but yes - great idea :D I will definitely do it ;) Maybe my newest Daisy flowers are better suited though..? Hmm I'll look at all my options :) Thanks!!

Katrine said...

Hello Sandra!
Thank you :D :D
I love wearing it because I get so many compliments.. haha :D

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