Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fresh From the Oven Made for Your Fingers or Ears?

It is SUCH relief to be DONE with math for the year (and maybe for the rest of my life!?) :D


I made some jewelry a couple of days ago, and I thought I'd show it to you!

I've made a new kind of necklace! It's super-cool! I haven't finished it yet, as I need to make the necklace part, but it'll be strung like the picture above.

What do you think?

I'm planning on making lots of them in lots of different colours!
Do you have any colour preferences?
Let me know - your wish is my command! ;)

I also made some new doughnuts.
I haven't decided if I'm making them into rings or earrings yet.

These earrings(?) match these rings

These match these rings

What do you think?
Do you prefer them as doughnuts or as earrings? Or both?

Maybe I should make these into rings as I have
a similar pair of earrings here? They'd match ;)

I think I'll make them into a ring or earrings when I get orders, so that I have whatever you want ready.

And which sprinkles do you like the best?
Are there any other colour-combos you'd like for the sprinkles?
Let me know! -You'll make my day! :D

So just order up - they're ready to be shipped..
FRESH from the oven ;)

(And go ahead and pre-order the funky necklace - there will be lots to come!)


The Kautts said...

I like them as doughnuts. :) Also, the sprinkles are fine the way they are!!

~Jo <3

The Kautts said...

The pink, purple and yellow sprinkles look best. :)

~Jo <3

Katrine said...

Hey Jo!
Thank you :) So you think I shouldn't make them into jewelry at all? :)

Thank you :)


The Kautts said...

Maybe some of them you can make into jewelry. It's up to you, totally! :)

~Jo <3

Katrine said...

Hehe thanks :)

The Kautts said...

:) <3

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