Monday, May 30, 2011

Exams Ending at the Hospital

It started last night. 

I was watching TV and was about to go to bed. But I turned in my seat and managed to hit my hand (while it was bent) into my knee!!! You should have heard the three massive cracks. 

It hurt SO much. 

I didn't know what to do because I had an exam today. 

My last and most important one. 

So I didn't go to the hospital straightaway although I was 110% positive it was broken.

I fell asleep after a while and when I woke up this morning it was swollen and blue. I took a really strong pain killer which (in addition to my allergy pills) made me really drowsy. It didn't work either. 

So I pushed myself to go to school. 
We got to use computers which made it worse for me today as it hurts to use my hand :(. 

I got through the exam (even though I was really drowsy and in a LOT of pain) and went straight to the emergency room afterwards.

I waited 1 hour to see the doctor and was sent to get an x-ray.

I went to see the doctor again and she said that it wasn't broken. 

I didn't understand. It hurts so much, I was certain it was broken. 

So I left the hospital after being there for 3 hours. 

I was relieved. But I was also extremely tired and confused. I didn't want it to be broken but I was so certain. 

But it wasn't over...

In the car I got a phone call. The hospital asked me to come back.

Another specialist had seen my x-rays and wanted to take a CT scan of my hand. 

I went back. 
And I thought to myself, "I knew it!"

I took the CT and got the results again.
It wasn't broken this time round either. 

They put an elastic bandage on it and said that it'll get better. (Btw look at my blue fingers... The nurse wrapped it reeaaally tight!!)

So I spent 4 hours in the hospital to learn that my excruciatingly painful wrist is not broken. Twice.

I know I should believe them. 
I just don't. 

I've broken so many bones and this is what it feels like. Plus it takes 5 days for some bone injuries to show up on the x-rays. 

But I'm grateful.
I can practice driving. 
I can go swimming when we go to Italy. 
I can shower without a bag. 
I can make jewelry. (!!!!!)

I can't continue as normal straight away as I'm still in too much pain... 
But I'm not going to be stuck for 6-13 weeks (I take a looong time to heal). 

Aaaand I don't have any more exams left!!!! :D

Plus! I've reached 50 followers! You guys have made my day!! 



Becky said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you hurt your wrist. Hope it heals up soon.
Happy Memorial Day.

The Kautts said...

I'll pray fro your hand, Katrine! I'm so sorry about it!!!


Kortney said...

Hi! I love your blog so much that I just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

Congratulations! :) Click the link above to accept your award! :)

Sandra said...

I'm sorry about your hand, I hope it gets better and Omedetō on the 50+ followers :)

Katrine said...

Hey Becky!
Thank you so much, I appreciate it :) <3

Katrine said...

Hi Jo :)
Thank you, you're so sweet! :D <3

Katrine said...

Hey Kortney!!
OMG thank you SOO MUCH :D YAY! Made my day :D
I will go and claim it now ;)

Katrine said...

Hi Sandra :D
Thank you so so much :) <3

The Kautts said...




How terrible! I hate the ER, all they do is suck up time and money. And I almost always leave in worse shape than when I arrived. You poor thing :/ Good news about school being out though! :P

The Kautts said...

Hey, Katrine!

Lucia Marie is co-hosting a blog party. --I thought you may like to join it. Here is the link:

~Jo <3

The Kautts said...

Oops. Did I just forgot to add the link?! How forgetful. HERE it is:

~Jo <2

Katrine said...

Hey Lindy :)
I know! The ER is terrrrible! I sure know why we're called patients! Exactly- I always catch a bug or something from all the people coughing all over the place---yuuuck.
Yes! ;D

Katrine said...

Hey Jo!
Thanks for letting me know <3
I've just written a post as my entry :) Have you entered? :)

Katrine <3

The Kautts said...

Yes, I just read that. :) No, I have not entered. I would only enter if I had my own (personal) blog. Thanks for asking, though! :)

~Jo <3

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