Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calling for Summer

This morning it snowed!!!!!!
I was SOOO mad, you have no idea!
I thought the summer came early this year, as I was walking around in a summer dress for a week.. in APRIL! That's quite amazing (here)!

But of course, it didn't last and it snowed this morning :C

Thankfully, the flowers in our garden have starting blossoming and the sun is out again now so that the snow didn't stick. PHE-EW!

So today I'd like to dedicate a post to calling for summer and saying bye bye to winter!!

I want less none of this...

(The picture above was taken last autumn on our drive home from Sweden)

I want more of this...

(The pictures above are taken of the current flowers that are blossoming in our garden.. blue irises. Aren't they lovely??! Please excuse the winter-worn grass.)

And more of this...

(The pictures above were taken of the Anemones in our garden last summer)

And even more of this!!!

(The pictures above were taken on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai last Easter)

I'm a summer-loving, sun-addicted, beach babe (haha ;)) and I can't wait till summer!


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ReVinyl said...

Ha dæ vækk ditt spøkels!!

Er det ikke det vi skal si til vinteren nå ;)
Må si det så veldig deilig ut i Dubai da...

Har akkurat vært inne i Eplabutikken din og siklet litt på de store blomstersmykkene. De er bare så fiiine...Likte også godt de store rosa og gule under her. De var vakre! :)

Fin hælg te dæ! :)

Michelle's Style File said...

More beaches and flowers- I hear you! It's getting cold here too : )


The Circus said...

You and I are on the same page with this!
I know you entered my give away for this ebook about increasing blog traffic, I thought I'd let you know that the author has it up for a free download right now on her blog :)

Katrine said...

Hei du!
Helt enig haha ;)

Aw, tusen takk! Slikt er alltid veldig hyggelig å høre!
Takk for at du tittet innom :D
Hilsen Katrine

Katrine said...

Hey Michelle!
Thanks for commenting and for stopping by!! :D
Yes, I can't wait for summer! aaahhh :D


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