Monday, May 16, 2011

Crocheting a House

I want to crochet a whole house someday!
One that's big enough to stand inside.

Wouldn't that be cool? 
But until that someday.. I've made this: 

I crocheted this little house last autumn as a present for my friend.

She was going to England for a year, and I made this house to tell her that she would be missed.

I put a heart chocolate inside to say that home is where the heart is.

The "roof" can be taken off so that she can store her nick-nacks in it.

I hoped this house could act as a friend for her when I wasn't around and that she would remember that I would always be here at home when she comes back.

Do you like the house? :)
This could also be the perfect home warming present or going away gift.
Would you buy a house like this?


Emily said...

That is so so cute!!!!!!!

The Kautts said...


You are SO funny! :) Cute!


Katrine said...

Thank you Emily! :D
Have you received the parcel yet? :)


bluebell screams said...

new follower from the Sunday Stalk.

That is too adorable. I crochet as well and would love to whip up something like this.

Katrine said...

Hey Jo!
Haha thanks ;)

Katrine said...

Hey 'bluebell screams'
Thank you so much for stopping by and following me! I really appreciate it :D

Thank you :)
I'd love to see some of your crocheting! :D


Sandra said...

omg it's so cute I would love to live in it

Katrine said...

Hi Sandra!
Haha thank you :)
I'll have to get started on a big one ;)

OhioMomPatriot said...

This would definitely be a great housewarming gift! Thanks for sharing!

Katrine said...

Thank you! I think it'd be a cute idea :) Plus you can put things inside! ;)


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