Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will You Help Me Find My Long Lost Friend?

I've got a little situation. It's quite the pickle (hahahahahahha) (I love laughing at my own jokes hahaha... ahhh I just crack me up sometimes!)

The website /  bait
So I've recently discovered Food Gawker!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS! I seriously had trouble leaving the site.. I want to make so much food. And it makes me oh-so hungry!

Anyway I'm so happy I came across the site (I know, I'm slow..) through Pinterest because there are lots of yummy-looking (I have yet to try them out) recipes that actually look EASY (BIG bonus) and QUICK!! The site has PICTURES of yummy food, so you don't have to browse through lots of words. Which is super!

That's right:
YUMMY + NEW + QUICK + PRETTY + EASY = MUST BE THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD (except my Mamma's Spaghetti Bolognese of course ;) )

The recipe

So I found a recipe, Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese, that I've been planning to make tomorrow for my family. And I've been planning this since I found the recipe last Sunday. I'm aching to try it out!

The problem
But I have a HUGE problem.

Meet my long lost friend.

I can't find jalapeños ANYWHERE! I went to all the grocery stores I could think of today. I found jalapeños at ONE store though.. but they were rotten. EW. Barf.

The solution!?
I guess I could try making it with chilis instead.. but jalapeños are sooo juicy and delicious and yuuum.
And I really wanted to try out the recipe, and make it perfect!

I know most of my readers aren't in Norway. But if you do know where I can get some jalapeños in Trondheim, let me know! Please???

And if you have any other suggestions for what I could use instead, let me know!
Do you think it would be any good if the jalapeños are pickled??
I need all the help I can get! Please.

I can't not make them either.. I've already bought two whole big breads!!! I'm ready for action... where are you my jalapeño?? (I know, I'm going to eat you, but still, I wish you'd come out to "play" ;) )

Please share some of your favorite (and easy and quick and yum) recipes in the comments as well, will ya? :)

xo Katrine

Ps. REMEMBER TO COME BACK TOMORROW for the BLOG HOP kick-off all about MOVIES!! :D I'm super excited. And I'll let you know how the Jalapeño situation turns out later.... :'(


Elisabeth Gee said...

Dear Long Lost Friend,

You pretty much saved my bacon for dinner tonight by introducing me to food gawker. THANK. YOU!! :)

LoriLynn said...

I am obsessed with Jalapeno popper grilled cheeses-I make a slightly healthier version than the ones floating around on pinterest though! I use fat free cream cheese/neufanchel cheese and the jarred/pickled jalapeno poppers (I've done fresh too but it didn't seem to make much of a difference!)...also my fave way to make them is on sourdough bread on a panini press with just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil! Hope that helps! Xo Lori

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