Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Importance of Friendship {Russ 2012}

My russ-hat to the left :)

A while back I told you that I was going to be a "Russ" this year. In Norway, being a Russ is basically being a senior. We graduate high school a year after the rest of the world (nice, I know...), and celebrate graduating high school BEFORE exams and actually graduating. It's crazy to be honest. The celebrations are kicked off on May 1st, and we party and celebrate all the way to 17th of May (our national holiday). And yes, we still have school during the day.

A huuuge drawing of a ladybug on the back of my
lab coat in the works :)

Everyone wears the same kind of clothes - a lab coat that you draw on, red overalls and a red hat (red because I'm a red-russ / "rødruss"). You have to wear the clothes everyday, and you can't wash your overalls. You try to do several things to get different "knots" in the string of your hat. You have to do weird things like eating a burger in two bites, swim outside before April 1st (yes, in NORWAY), eat a "russekort" (russ-card.. we have like a kind of business card thingy. Little kids collect them.), etc.

My russehat "The Pun"

Last night the celebrations were kicked off, even though our school started our russ-celebrations on 26th April, when we were "baptized". You see, we get special nicknames, which we have to write on our hats. Mine is "The Pun". Haha - my jokes are FANTASTIC.

I was up until really late last night outside. It was cold, dark and scary.. but I had lots of fun.

I've been thinking a lot about friendship lately, especially since it's important to have friends during the russ-celebrations. Things haven't been easy lately, and I haven't known who to trust (read about that here). But yesterday I hung out with an amazing girl. We've never hung out before, we were just acquaintances up until yesterday, but now I love her to bits! She's super cool, and we had SO. MUCH. FUN. together :D

The front pocket on my overalls

It's really important to have friends that won't leave you behind and who will look out for you. And know that you can trust each other. I'm so grateful for this new friendship, and I can't wait to hang out more ;)

I read a great blog post on friendship today, you should read it too. It really puts things into perspective.

I've drawn the Norwegian flag and the U.A.E. flag on
one of the pockets on my lab coat

I may not write as many posts as usual the next few weeks, since I have exams, school and russefeiring (russ-celebrations), but I'll post when I can ;)
You can always e-mail me, and I always check all your lovely comments, which always make my day :)

My lovely CLASS 12 hoodie (SO COMFY)

I hope you liked the pictures - this is what I'll be wearing for the next few weeks ;)

Thanks for being such great friends, and remember to take care of those around you.

Katrine <3

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