Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smokin' Hawwwt Necklace

Have you seen the newest Rosette necklace? It's smoking haaawwwwt!!
- it looks hot, and it's really hot on the market.

After it was published it got lots of hits.. and has already been featured in TWO treasuries on Etsy!!
Check 'em out:
Click here to heart see it!

Click here to see it

The necklace is fire truck red (which has been a popular colour on the blog), and perfect for any occasion!

The necklace is perfect for those summer outfits that are aching to get out of the closet... so be sure to order it before the temperature hits 25º C (yes, that's "warm" here).
And don't worry if it doesn't get very warm where you live... cuz if you haven't already noticed.. this necklace is HOT! ;)

So please go and check it out over here. And if you're not gonna purchase it, will you please at least heart it? :)

And if red isn't your colour.. check out our other rosette necklaces by clicking here.

What do you think?
Do you like the colour red?
Is it warm where you live?
Have you made anything lately?
Let me know in the comments please-poli-cheese :)))))


Be Thou My Vision said...

I think it's cute! :)

Red is a pretty neat color, though I live darker shades of it.

It is pretty warm here (in Texas, USA). Right now it is 79 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 degrees Celsius. You should come over where it's warm! ;)

Well, I recently made a brooch, a bracelet and a hairclip.

~Jo <3

Jersey Blogess said...

this is so cute - I know I can get my friend to make this!! love this.

Katrine said...

Hey Jo :)

Thank you!! :D Yes, dark red is also very pretty :)

Wow, lucky girly! It's 7ºC here at it's warmest :S

Wow, that sounds lovely! <3

Thanks for commenting! :)


Katrine said...

Hey Jersey Blogess :)

Thank you so much! :D It's pretty neat ;)


Be Thou My Vision said...

haha, well, with the warm weather also comes allergies. 8( I think they (allergies) will be gone soon enough. I hope, at least!

Jo <3

P.S. I was just curious-- how on earth did you get an infection in our esophagus?

Katrine said...

Aww yeah.. i understand :/ I hope so!! I'm sorry you have allergies :( <3

Haha well.. my stomach produces too much acid or something.. which gives me horrible stomach aches. And my stomach produces too much acid because of certain foods and other medication. :/ So i have to take medication to keep it intact :)
I didn't know this was possible!!

Be Thou My Vision said...

Thanks, Trine. :) The allergies are off and on-- Thank God. I'm not sure I could stand them if they were constant!!

Eeek... sounds quite painful! :( I hope you get over it soon. Praying for ya! :)

Jo <3

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