Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Accessorize Using a Scarf

I recently got my first infinity scarf (from Vila).. and I can't get enough of it!!

I love:
  • how it keeps me warm, 
  • its beautiful colour
  • how it looks great with and compliments everything I wear - especially with my mustard yellow tank! :)

I love how an outfit looks a lot better when paired with a scarf.

I think it looks super-cool when the colours contrast, but match at the same time.

Scarves can be used as accessories during winter AND summer!

I also wore the new Bright Blue Braided Double Wrap Bracelet I made.. which is up for sale here!

I'm in love with the (mustard) yellow and blue colour combo!

What colour combos do you like?
What do you think of the new bracelet.. and my new scarf? :D
How do you accessorize using a scarf?



CreativityStartsHere said...

Infinity scarves are SO cool! :) Your bracelet goes really well with it too. :) Is that macrame or just braided? Forgive my ignorance.

Guess what? I recently re-learned how to crochet!!! :) I knew how to a long time ago, but forgot. I really like it and I've helped my Mom with a shawl she's making.

Jo <3

Katrine said...

I AGREE!!! Thank you :)

Actually, it's only braided! No problem, haha ;)

REALLY!! That's brilliant :D Coolio :) You'll have to show me what you make ;)

Love, Katrine <3

Be Thou My Vision said...

Okay, I'll try to remember and email you photos of the shawl when done. I also hope to either crochet or knit some baby booties for a friend's baby-- soon! :) Mom has to show me how.

Jo <3

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