Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Passed! {in theory}

I've been working hard to pass the driver's theory test. (You may have read about that here before.)
I've been stressing over it, because I can get my license after passing this test, and the driver's test of course.

There's been so much stress with school and everything lately. But I've been taking an online test over and over again the past few days (which simulates the real one) and I passed for the first time today!! :D YAY!

So I'm gonna head down to the proper test-taking place on Friday after a bit more studying (I got 7 questions wrong, and the max number of mistakes is 7).

Wish me luck?


Be Thou My Vision said...

Oooo....congrats! :) I hope you do well with the actual test.

~Jo <3

Katrine said...

Thank you!
I just passed again, with only 4 wrong answers this time :D yay :)

Thank you! !:)


Be Thou My Vision said...

Great! :) <3

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