Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gossip! + Autumn "Break" + Discount

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I'm on autumn "break" right now.. which is truly needed!
..But it can't really be called a break.
We only get 2 days off. -.-
It's a joke really.
However... I'm still happy that I get two days off instead of none though ;)


Yesterday I was at a party ["Russe Kick Off"] at Gossip.
The first party of my year as a "russ" (senior).
It was pretty good.. but I'm not really the clubbing type.. too loud music, too many drunk people - too many people altogether!
When I went to bed after I got home I heard a constant beeping sound haha!
I prefer getting to know people through talking.. but it was nice getting out too :)
And I had a good time with my friends ;)

The last results I got on the online driver's theory test..
I can have 7 mistakes - I had 10!
Nearly there ;)

Today I've been spending the day studying for my driver's theory test. 
It's really hard and there's a lot to learn.. argh!
I need to take it soon so that I can get my license asap!!
... but I'm getting there :)

I'm giving all of my readers a 15 % discount until Saturday evening. 
That's two and a half days to shop till you drop! 
GO GO GO and enter the coupon code GOSSIP at check out :D


CreativityStartsHere said...

Do you have skype now?

~Jo <3

Taylor Morgan said...

Hello! This is Taylor from Taylor Morgan. I read your comment you left me a few weeks ago and I think what you are doing is so great! keep up the hard work! I will be looking at your blog! best wishes!!

Izi said...

Hi Katrine,

I found your blog this morning and really really really like it. You are such a good writer and are obviously enthusiastic about what you write about. Good Job, Katrine!

I want to sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo follow it but my Google Account ... ummm ... won't let me cus' it's being really irritating at the moment!

My Blog:

Izi :)

CreativityStartsHere said...

I am having a giveaway at my blog:


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