Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Matching Bracelet and Clementine Juice

I've made a warm, golden, sunshine yellow macramé bracelet using ribbon...

Here, you can see it in the making... while I fueled up on yummy clementine juice - which just happened to match the bracelet!

And here it is, all done! :D

The colours of the bracelet and juice, and the pattern of the table cloth made it feel like a hot, warm summer's day... ah I wish it wasn't the start of October.

What have you done to make the cold days warmer and brighter?
What do you think of the bracelet?


CreativityStartsHere said...

That is SO cute, Trine! :) <3

Jo <3

Simi said...

so pretty! Love the clementine color.

Anonymous said...

I think bracelet is really pretty! It's such a lovely bright colour. :)


elise said...

I love the color of the bracelet. :)

The Kautts said...

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~Jo <3

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