Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday {Exciting Uni News, My Trip, "Poop" Restaurant, Golf Hat, Bracelets...}

Hello everyone! It's the Monday after returning from our road trip in Canada and the US.

First, a recap of what I've been doing the past few weeks, then I'll share what's happened since I've gotten home!

Hello Toronto, and Canada for the first time evvveer - and lovely view of the city from the airplane. Can you see CN Tower?

Hello Niagara Falls (view from our hotel). Niagara Falls was STUNNING! We went on Maid of the Mist.. and I was in complete awe / wet. If you haven't been there yet - you have to go!

Hello Cleveland! We ate at Hard Rock Café there. YUM.

Hello beach and Lake Erie. This beach was beautiful!! We found lots of pretty rocks that we took home with us :))

Hello Chicago! LOVED this city! Can totally see myself living here one day! (This view is from The John Hancock Tower - amazing view, right?!)

Hellloooo yuuummmyyy hotel breakfast in Chicago. They made the best Eggs Benedict EVER. Ahhhh... Somehow I always manage to get inspired and get the urge to make food whenever I'm on vacation. The food I've eaten has been so amazing, you have no idea! Be on the look out for lots of new recipe posts/ pics/ links :)

Hello shopping :)) {Clutch from Charming Charlie, ring and bracelet from Banana Republic} Yes, I still love gold (read about my gold obsession as a little girl here).

Hello new shoes - so comfortable and suh-weet. "You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes." ;)

Hello Toronto - we meet again! - Man, I miss the heat!

Hello restaurant called "pooped" in Norwegian! Haha! I love happy coincidences like this :)) Didn't eat there ;)

Hello man with the super cool golf hat!!!!

Hello new books - Imma get smart + rich ;D (Excuse me, I meant smarter ;) )

Hello coming home/ pretty sunset from the plane

Hellooooo jetlag

Hello uni acceptance letter!!! :D :D I've gotten a reply from the school I wanted to get in to! I haven't gotten a reply from another school yet (where I applied to study psychology), but I think I've made up my mind - I'm going to study International Marketing at the Norwegian Business School :D You can read more about this here.

Hello new turquoise bracelet I made yesterday. I paired it up with a macramé bracelet I made earlier for the picture. Would you like to see either one of these get posted in the store? And what colours would you like to see?? Let me know in the comments please! I'm working on lots of new products - especially bracelets, so get ready to build up your arm-party ;D

Hello blog, and readers - I've missed you! I'll be sure to post more from my trip later as well ;)

And heelloo cookies I baked yesterday which I had for breakfast today... I loooove summer ;)
Ps. cookie pictures are apparently popular on instagram.. haha I got lots of likes in no time! But I won't disagree... they're yum-aay! Btw I baked these cookies yesterday using a recipe from the new Hershey's cook book I got. I can post the recipe later, if it's available online I'll link to it ;)

And I'm linking up over at Lisa Leonard's fab blog. 

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See ya!
~ Katrine

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Be Thou My Vision said...

Wow! I loved all of the pics of your trip. :) My sister (Abby) showed me some of them on her Instagram.

You like golf hats too?? I bought one for each of my brothers a year or so ago. They are so manly looking!

Love ya,

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