Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fire at the Masquerade Ball - Instagram Photos

French Manicure by moi

Yesterday, on Friday, 27th January, our school had a Masquerade Ball.
I was soooo excited! I had the perfect dress ready, the perfect shoes, and I even found the perfect clutch (which matched my dress... perfectly ;)) :

My (first) clutch

I did a French manicure and pedicure myself for the first time, which I'm quite proud of ;)

I found a mask, which was on sale (YES!), but I forgot to wear it.. of course -.-

I was reeeeeally looking forward to the ball! (as you can tell from reading my instagram photo below)

Note from Wednesday

I went to my friend's house before the ball. And the ball started at 9pm. 
But we didn't get there until 10:45pm, which kinda bummed me out. 
But there were lots of people there and I had quite a good time :)

UNTIL the fire alarm went off at around midnight. 
It was -1 degrees celcius outside, and there was lots of snow and ice on the pavement.
I was only wearing a dress, shoes and pantyhose. 
I WAS FREEZING! (but I felt really sorry for the people without shoes)

The fire brigade came. And all of us had to stand outside, in the freezing cold for 45 minutes.
I left my cell phone and jacket inside, so I couldn't call my Mum to pick me up either.

Finally, they let us back in, but we had to go home, because the ball was apparently supposed to end at 12:30am. It really sucked.

There goes my last high school dance/ ball.

French Pedicure by moi

I came home, freeeeezing and shivering and my throat really hurts today.

And if you were wondering, there was no fire, a stupid kid had pushed a button on a fire alarm. 
Thanks, buddy.

Random photo.. we made pizza on Thursday :) yum

How was your Friday?
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Holly said...

Boo, that really sucks that your ball got interrupted by the fire alarm! :(

Erica Leigh said...

your french manicure came out great! ^_^

i hope you had fun at your dance (even if there was that teeny little mishap)


Katrine said...

Hey Holly :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Yeh, it sucked... but at least it wasn't -15 degrees ;) haha

Katrine :)

Katrine said...

Hey Erica :)

Aw thank you <3 That means a lot to me, coming from a nail (polish) expert like yourself! You really inspire me :)

Yeh, I did :) Thanks :)

Katrine <3

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