Saturday, January 7, 2012

Confessional Friday

I thought I'd confess a few things today and link up with A Blonde Ambition for her linky party! YAY :D

1. I just realized that it's actually Saturday today... but I guess I can still confess stuff. Whoops!


2. I need 6-8 tea spoons of sugar in my tea. Always! (It does depend on the size of the cup, but I usually drink my tea from a 0.5 L cup...) I can't stand tea with too little sugar!!!


3. I've been sick for the past week and a bit down in the dumps about it because I have don't really have time to be sick!

(this cracked me up)
4. I've injured my knee, and I may need surgery... which is also getting me down. And my knee is aching!!!

5. One of my New Year's resolutions was to not get injured this year... well technically I got injured in December, but I'm feeling the pain. So I guess that's a resolution I will have to give up on already.

6. I was too late to participate in the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts swap at Much Love, Illy's blog, so I contacted another blogger, my new bloggy BFF, Erica @ Sweets and Hearts and asked her if she wanted to do a swap. And she said yes!! I'm so excited! I just finished up her package and will be sending it out on Monday :D Yay!

(did that make you yawn too?)
7. I'm seriously tired of school.

8. I'm SERIOUSLY tired of being sick and/ or injured.

9. I'm dreading the possible surgery of my knee.

10. I chew on my tongue when I'm concentrating.. and I've recently discovered the best way to chew it... which makes me look like a monkey I guess. I really need to stop that!


11. I LOVE self help books. I'm in the self-help section of the bookstore so often that one of the women that work there asked me if I needed help one time. She looked slightly worried. Haha! Is there a self help book for being addicted to self help books? I'll be sharing a bit on the recent books I've gotten and that I'm reading later.

12. I feel guilty when I blog because I should be doing other stuff.

13. I don't want to turn 19 this year.

14. I just chewed my tongue like a monkey.


15. I feel guilty because I want to and should read more.


16. I feel guilty because I feel too much guilt.

(I tried watching this movie once... couldn't get through more than 10 minutes!)

17. I feel 17 years old.

18. I just got a Pinterest account.. but I can't figure out how it works. I'm usually not technically challenged! :/

Have you made any confessions?
Share your links or confessions below, I'd love to read yours :)

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Have a great weekend! :)


CreativityStartsHere said...

I'm totally going to "friend" you on pinterest! :)

Love you tons,
Jo <3

Katrine said...

Thanks, Jo <3 :D

Love you too<3

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I'm sorry your sick! I hope you get better soon! And I really hope you don't need knee surgery! But if you do, at least it should make it better in the end! And 8 tsp of sugar, LOL! Try using honey in your tea. It's just as sweet but less processed :)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!


Katrine said...

Hey Bailey :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks so much<3 Yeah me too.. I kind of want surgery if that's what'll make it better.

Haha I know I know... but I can't stand honey.. which is kinda strange when I'm such a huge fan of sugar!! ;)

Thanks, you too! <3

Susan said...

I'm adoring many of your pieces! I hope your knee gets better soon. It's no fun to have knee problems. Confession: I'm addicted to games on the computer. I had to block all the FB games because I would spend too much time on

I found you through the Blog Hop Til' You Drop

Katrine said...

Hey Susan!
Thank you :)
No it's no fun, plus it's embarrassing how my knee looks funny under my jeans with a protection support thingy!
Hahaha I know exactly what you mean!! I've been addicted to iPhone games, pokemon and neopets! Too much fun!!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be sure to check out your blogs ;)
Katrine <3

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