Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pictures + News from "Trondhjæmsdesignernes Eget Julemarked 2011" (Christmas Fair) + New Products!

On December 3rd I participated in "Trondhjæmsdesignernes Eget Julemarked", a local Christmas Fair in Trondheim.

If you missed out on the fair, or regret not buying an item, please visit our online shops.

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Etsy  (International)
Epla (Norwegian)

The fair was a huge success! I sold lots of jewelry and took lots of pictures that I'd like to share with you! :D

NOTE: There are a lot of new products that are yet to be uploaded to the online stores. Please bear with me, but if you can't wait, comment below letting me know which product to post first!

Rosette Necklaces

Sunshine Yellow

Lime Green and Hot Pink

Lime Green

Off White and Firetruck Red

Leather Bow Bracelets

Daisy Brooches and Hair Clips

{The flowers are the same, but the backing is different}
Click here to buy the brooches and here to buy the hair clips

Garden Pinks Brooches

Click here or here to view the assortment of Garden Pinks Brooches in our online stores.

Dazzling Dahlia Brooches and A Ray of Sunshine Rings

The Ivory-coloured A Ray of Sunshine Ring can be bought here.
The Yellow A Ray of Sunshine Ring can be bought here or here.
The Dahlia Brooches can be bought here or here.

Doughnut Earrings and Rings

Doughnut Earrings can be bought here or here.
Doughnut Rings can be bought here or here.

Assorted Bracelets

Assorted Macramé Necklaces

The one to the right can be bought here or here

Blue Garden Pinks Necklace

{Sold}, but can be ordered here or here

I Heart Pink Pearl Delight Earrings

Click here or here to buy

Cookie Earrings, rings and Bearrings

Cookie earrings can be bought here or here.
The Bearrings can be bought here or here.

Christmas Baubles and Macramé Jewelry

The beautiful, Red Christmas Baubles can be bought here or here.
The Polka Dot Macramé Necklace can be bought here or here.
The matching Polka Dot Macramé Earrings can be bought here.


The most popular products were:
  • Garden Pinks brooches (SOLD OUT)
  • Daisy Hair Clips (BRAND new product, yet to be launched in our Etsy store, but are available in our Epla store)
  • Doughnut rings (SOLD OUT)
  • Leather Bow Bracelets (BRAND new product, yet to be launched in both stores)

Sold Out?
Don't worry if the product(s) on your wish list is sold out. I'm working on new products everyday, so there's no need to fret. (But please, do order ASAP so that the item will arrive in time for Christmas!! - Read about our Holiday Season Info and Offers here.)

Mailing List

I also created a mailing list which lots of customers signed up to on Saturday. I will be sending out regular e-mails with updates and exclusive offers for all subscribers.

If you would like to subscribe, please e-mail me your e-mail address and name, and your preferred language.

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Links to our shops
Etsy  (International)
Epla (Norwegian)

Thanks to all of you who stopped by on Saturday - it was a pleasure meeting all of you!


The Kautts said...

The leather bow bracelets are cute! :)


Katrine said...

Thank you, Johanna! :)


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