Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cassette Ringssss

Pink 'flowers' with yellow centre earrings

I posted a picture of a cassette ring earlier. This ring was yellow with purple circle insides. It was made using perler beads and I used a wire to make the ring around the finger. I have made more perler items; earrings similiar to flowers and more cassettes.

Pink flower earrings with a
mathcing pink cassette ring
Pink cassette ring with yellow circle insides

Various 'cassettes' before they were
made into rings

Yellow and purple 'long' flower earrings

Let me know your favourite colours and I can customise a ring or earrings especially for you.

Pink flower earrings with purple centres
Blue and green 'long' flower earrings

All earring pairs cost 40 NOK / $6.48 / £4.19

All cassette rings cost 55 NOK / $8.90 / £5.77

I can also make a pair of cassette earrings for 45 NOK / $7.29 / £4.72


A cassette ring and cassette earring set costs 85 NOK / $13.76 / £8.91 

A cassette ring and flower earring set costs 80 NOK / $12.95 / £8.39 

The earrings and rings add a bit of colour and fun to any day and outfit. 
I hope you like them!

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