Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday I folded these envelopes/paper bags for packaging!
I used magazine pages (from H&M Magazine) and wrapping paper.. the magazine ones turned out the best.

Back of the one on the right:

Above: Front of 'Green Garden'

Bellow: Back of 'Green Garden'

My favourite one, front:

Favourite, back:

Favourite, open flap, back:



Wrapping paper ones:

Spread out:

I can't wait to wrap something in in one of them... and they're already made, so all I need to do is put the item inside and tape the seal!

4 comments: said...

Your blog is great, Katrine! you are inspiring people out there! Keep going <3 ~Anna

Katrine said...

Thank you, Anna, I REALLY appreciate the feedback!! :) <3

Norlisa said...

i love the blog, everything looks beautiful!
is this the H&M magazine we got while you were over in Dubai? :P

Katrine said...

Norlisa :D
Thank you SOO much <3
Haha yes! I loved the pictures so I found a way to use it ;)

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