Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Sorry. (important info. about shipping!!)

Hello my dear Gentle Flowers!
Long time, so see!
I'm so sorry for not having posted since March. There has been a lot going on in my personal life (exams, family, health, etc.) lately. Although I love blogging, making jewelry and keeping in touch with all of you, I have to prioritise school, family and health. I really hope I will be able to blog more from now, as summer has just started!!

As always, the shops (Etsy + Epla) are still open, you can also follow my daily updates on Twitter and Instagram. It's easier to be more active on apps that only require my phone, so be sure to follow me there (@thegentleflower).

I also haven't crafted in ages, until yesterday. I really missed it, but the stress of my exams and personal life put that on hold as well. I finally got to make some Mini Garden Pinks Brooches yesterday. This was so satisfying and I've had a huge smile on my face today as well. :) (Be sure to read the next posts featuring them ;) )

I also have lots of e-mails to catch up on. Please bare with me, I will reply to all of you! I really appreciate all e-mails and comments, and I do read all of them. I couldn't continue this journey without all of you, and I am really grateful for all of you.

That's why I want to give you free shipping on all items from now until 22nd July. Enter coupon code ONHOLIDAY at check out. Shop while I'm on holiday! (read more about that below)

I will be going on vacation on Thursday, but will schedule a few posts to be posted during that period.
This means that you can purchase items from both shops, but they will not be shipped until 22nd July at the earliest!!

I'm so happy to be back here and can't wait to create more and stay in touch with all of you! :D

Ps. I would strongly recommend checking out the Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes recipe I posted a while back. They are SO yummy and should definitely be on your summer to do list!

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