Sunday, March 10, 2013

Confusion, Sweat and Adventure {I got my driver's license!!}

Yuppers, I finally got my driver's license a couple of weeks ago! I'm so happy.. I've been driving a bit on my own, listening to Young the Giant and cranking up the heat in the car to simulate summer. The freedom (nearly) makes up for my ugly driver's license picture. At least my driver's license is pink. Pink and glitter makes anything pretty.. maybe I should sprinkle some glitter on it? I wonder what the police would say then.. ;)

Oh, and I've only gotten lost once so far.. although the incident was quite embarrassing... I couldn't figure out how to drive to our local grocery store because there was some road work. I ended up at an apartment building's private parking spots and then had to drive really far to somehow drive around it and back. Let's just say it felt like summer then, cuz I was all sweaty when I finally arrived at the store. Oh well, what's life without a little confusion, sweat and adventure?

What's your sense of direction like?
What music do you listen to in the car? (I really need to burn a CD with all my gangstah music :D)
If you live in Norway, watch out, cuz I'll be cruising by ;)


Ilaria Tj said...

Hi dear, I'm so happy i'm in your inspiration list^^ I just finished my holyday week in sahrm el sheikh and I'm so sad 'cause tomorrow I will work!thank you very much for your nice comments, you're always so sweet :* happy monday :) ilaria

Katrine said...

Of course! :D I love your work <3 Thanks so much for putting me in your too :D
Wow, sounds like fun! Oh, that's a shame :(
No problem! And I hope you have a happy summer!
Thanks for all your sweet comments too <3

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