Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why I Don't Wish I Was a Tree

If you've been following my instagram feed (@thegentleflower) you'll have noticed that it snowed here on Thursday (and Friday, Saturday, Sunday...). I woke up to lots and lots of snow on Thursday morning. I was not happy. I hate snow with a passion.

Today when I took out the trash my pants got all wet afterwards from all the snow, and the lid on one of the trash cans was frozen stuck to the can. Snow even makes recycling hard.

But do you know who I feel really sorry for when it snows? All the flowers and trees. Imagine being a tree, having to be outside all year, with meters of snow weighing you down for 3/4 of the year. That must be horrible. And cold. And wet. They never get a break. I look at them when the wind is blowing, and they're shivering the poor things. I'm so happy I'm not a tree.

So to say a thanks to those trees out there, sticking it out through winter, spring, summer and fall (did anyone else just sing the theme to Gilmore Girls when they read that? No? Ok. I'm probably the only one that knows it by heart.) I'd like to give you a 15% off discount (also because I love you guys and because I would really like to send you a snow-filled package with some goodies ;) kidding about the snow.). Enter coupon code DIESNOWDIE at check out (in spirit of saving the trees). The coupon code is valid until Friday at midnight, so go and shop our store now! (Be sure to get your Christmas presents in time!)

Have a lovely Sunday, and I hope your trees aren't as sad as mine.


Ilaria Tj said...

Hi dear, if you want to know something more about tree's feelings, you can read this book: guido mina di sospiro - the tree, I read it in italian,but there will be surely an english version. A beautiful book about trees and men. :* ilaria

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a fantastic web site. On what other blog could anyone get this kind of information written in such an insightful way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such info.

Katrine said...

Hi Ilaria :)
Thanks so much.. that book sounds lovely :) I really appreciate your comment! :)

Katrine <3

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